Yogi Ashwini vs Nirmukta the fraud

A Skeptic Vs. Psychic event is took place in Bangalore in 2009. The meeting attempted to resolve a challenge proposed by Yogi Ashwini and a Rationalist Narendra Nayak the fraud.
Nirmukta , the fool and the fraud,who earns his bread and butter by denaming Indian culture and brining bad name to those few food people who are fighting a cause to bring the long lost glory back to Indian Vedic culture.
His was busted on national televsion and live videos are all over you tube.The orignal comments posted on thier site were deleted and onyl  crap was allowed to be there.
But coursy Dhyan Foundation, I have the mails exchanged and it shows clearly what exactly happened and what is being potrayed.
Nirmuka sucks….
Here are the details of the event:

Complete Mails on the official blogs of Dhyan Foundation

Witness this fraud yourself

We must not allow any one to demeane India’s culture and ways!

This must be not tolerated at any cost.

Yogi Ashwini is the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation.

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1 Response to Yogi Ashwini vs Nirmukta the fraud

  1. Omkar tyagi says:

    These rationalist doesnt deserve to be called indian. They blood sucking termites who are eating the roots of indian culture. The person like Narendra nayak should be deported from India. He is demeaning indian vedic culture. I strongly recommend that deabtes with yog guru like Yogi Ashwini and rationalist should be held in public and people of inida should come to know who is faking it and what is the glory of indian vedic culture

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